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astaxanthin oil 5%
2015-6-9 22:46:13

Name: astaxanthin oil 5%

Molecular formula: C40H5204

Molecular weight: 596.86

No.:472-61-7 CAS

Component content: 5%

Main uses: coloring agent, antioxidant

Quality standard: Q/SGY 0002 S-2015

Characteristics: dark red oil, soluble in basic essential oil, edible oil, alcohol, ether, two methyl ether, chloroform, etc.. Insoluble in water.

Specification: 1kg/5kg/ tank

Packaging: packaging of nitrogen and aluminum cans

Storage mode: low temperature sealing, avoid light

Product description:

Natural astaxanthin L 5% oil agent is Haematococcus pluvialis powder by super critical CO2 or edible alcohol extraction of oil, adding edible safflower seed oil to reconcile the fat like substance, pure natural.

Natural astaxanthin because of its special structure, is the strongest so far discovered natural antioxidants. Mainly used in high-end cosmetics, health food field, its antioxidant activity is far more than the existing antioxidants. In the field of cosmetics, food will replace natural vitamin E and beta carotene and Q10 and other antioxidants. Its antioxidant activity is equivalent to:

Natural VE 1000 times

Beta carotene 10 times

17 times of grape seed

200 times of the corpus

Anthocyanin OPC 150 times

Coenzyme Q10 60 times

Main effect:

The antioxidant, anti-aging

The effect of anti inflammation, restrain melanin, prevent skin cancer

Anti - atherosclerosis, improve blood flow, reduce the three high, improve immunity

The anti - fatigue of the eyes, relieve eye disease

- natural colorant

Five characteristics of natural astaxanthin

1, [super strong, complete unique antioxidant]:

Natural astaxanthin is so far found in nature the strongest antioxidant, while natural astaxanthin has the most comprehensive 'high antioxidant' effect, the oxidation process is complete. Unlike the general anti oxidants such as beta carotene, lycopene, and yellow quality of corn, it is simply a free radical and the body. Astaxanthin can stable cell membrane, showing a strong antioxidant properties, natural astaxanthin is attached on the substrate free, forever termination of free radical damage cascades, and itself cannot become auxiliary oxidant agent.

2, "extremely strong penetrating power":

Natural astaxanthin can penetrate the blood brain barrier, blood pancreatic barrier, blood testis barrier the human barrier, and is the only way to penetrate the blood brain barrier of carotenoids, so it is possible role in the brain and retina only a kind of carotene.

3, [trans membrane stability]:

The organism cell membrane is composed of a phospholipid bilayer, natural astaxanthin can across the cell membrane phospholipid bilayer, prevent phospholipid molecule is oxidative damage, so as to prolong the cell life.

Super absorbent, 4 []:

Due to the small amount of astaxanthin molecular 596.8, even on both ends of the ester group with less than 1000 daltons, very easy is absorbed by the body, 20 minutes can be arrived in the various organs of the body.

5, "extremely rare and precious":

Natural astaxanthin left because of the restriction of technology and production factors, is extremely difficult to obtain, chemical synthesis currently only the synthesis of isomeric body.



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