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    Yunnan Time Imprinting Biotechnology Co., Ltd,established in November 2013, is a bio-company whose core business is to cultivate and develop micro-algae. Company is committed to researching and developing Yusheng Haematococcus pluvialis、astaxanthin and related products. Relying on the standard of production、science and technology, company makes a contribution to the human health.
    Located in the production base of raw materials, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, 1900 meters above sea level, suitable temperature, clean water, fresh air, sunshine, provide superior natural conditions for the cultivation of haematococcus.
    Company cultivates haematococcus adopting the totally enclosed large pipeline equipment. With the equipment putting-in-service, it completely eradicates other creatures and heavy metal pollution, ensures the quality of raw materials and each indicator are up to the food standards.
    With production technology of company mature and stable, we can realize artificial control on the prawn green pigment accumulation process. At the same time, we can achieve rapid accumulation of astaxanthin. And we can also cultivate the algae powder of Haematococcus whose content of astaxanthin reaches to 3%~6% according to customer demand. Since we put into operation, the yield and quality of haematococcus algae powder is stable and the average content of astaxanthin is higher than 4%.
    Company covers an area of 88000 square meters, has completed the construction of 40000 square meters with the cultivating equipment. And we can guarantee raw material supply of algae powder of Haematococcus. The yield of Haematococcus powder could reach to 10 tons above.
    At present, Yunnan time imprinting Biological Technology Co., Ltd. has six patents and pays attention to cooperative development with other enterprises and research institutions. We have three major categories of products: red algae powder, astaxanthin oil, water soluble microcapsule powder and could achieve algae powder cultivation, raw material supply, product development integration.
    We look forward to communication and cooperation,integration of resources,mutual benefit and win-win situation with more astaxanthin related industries and companies so as to achieve the development of astaxanthin industry.
    Algae powder series:3% algae powder  4% algae powder  5% algae powder  6% algae powder
    Astaxanthin oil series:5% astaxanthin oil  10% astaxanthin oil  20% astaxanthin oil
    Microcapsule powder series:1% microcapsule powder  2% microcapsule powder  3% microcapsule powder


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